Meet Our Staff

Ms Maria

  Ms. Maria has over 20 years grooming experience.  She loves all animals including her dog, Ruby, and her two cats, The Alice and The Toby.  After working in her field for 18 years Ms. Maria was able to live her dream and open her own grooming business," Ms. Maria's Grooming.” In Maria's free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, Jason, and two sons, Brandon and Tucker, in the outdoors. She loves going to the beach and taking pictures of nature.


  Kaylee has been working for Ms. Maria’s Grooming for over a year, but she has been around animals her whole life. She is excited to be able to be around so many different kinds of animal breeds. She has lived in Crawfordville for most of her life. She has a Husky, German Shepherd, and Wolf mix, Arya, and a Black Smoke Cat, Athena. Kaylee dreams of owning a Bed & Breakfast in a small town like Wakulla. She loves corny jokes and being goofy. In her free time, she loves to go antique shopping, taking pictures of things that inspire her, and listening to 80s music.


  Hayvan is working at Ms. Maria's  while attending Wakulla High School. She plans on being a groomer one day. She loves animals and long romantic walks at night......... to the fridge.
A Little About Ms Maria's
       At Ms. Maria's Grooming, we want your pet(s) to be happy to come here. Please help us keep all pet(s) comfortable by reframing from loud voices or noises.  Every action at Ms. Maria's Grooming is for the benefit of your pet(s).  She ensures that her staff is attentive for the safety, health, and welfare of all pet(s) that come through our doors. For your safety, we cannot let you pass our front gate and for this reason, we do not have a public restroom.

Please walk your pet(s) so they can go to the bathroom before leaving them with us.  There is an area in the back for their potty needs.

Our hours of operation are as followed:

For your convenience, we offer early drop off at 7 am and pick up as late as 7 pm (Tuesday - Friday). We only offer two early pickups per day, for small dogs (20 lbs. & under, Tuesday-Friday). All other dogs will be available for pickup after 5 pm unless we call you prior to then. On Saturday drop off is between 12pm and 1pm. Ms. Maria’s only offers one early pickup for a small dog (20 lbs. & under) by appointment, after 1pm. For Saturday, we call as your pet(s) are ready, which is usually after 5pm. Please specify that you want an early pick up when you make your appointment. A $10 late fee will be applied to any animal picked up after 7 pm. WE WILL CALL YOU WHEN YOUR PET(S) IS READY. We are happy to work with you as much as possible, but repeated calls and showing up to check the readiness of your pet(s) only causes further delay, because your pet(s) get excited about your presence. Which gives them the misunderstanding that they are going home.
 Tuesday thru Friday 9 am -5 pm
Saturday 12pm -7pm

For appointments, you can call and leave a message or text us at (850)519-1994, and we will get back you as soon as we can.
 Ms. Maria is always patient with your pet(s) while grooming them. Every dog is different (elderly, puppy, skittish, etc.), so we must account for the extra time for their specific needs.  We ask that you are patient with us as well. On any given day, Ms. Maria does at least 8 grooms, and helps with dogs that come in for bath, nails, and other services. She might have to stop working with your dog to talk to a costumer, answer the phone, make appointments, have lunch, walk dogs, etc. Ms. Maria’s is the only groomer and there is only one other employee working with her at a time.

            MS. MARIA’S BOOKS UP VERY QUICKLY BECAUSE SHE IS IN HIGH DEMAND. We HIGHLY recommend making a grooming appointment 4-6 weeks. Don’t get behind on your grooming schedule, be prepared to make your next grooming appointment at pickup. As we have a high volume of calls daily.